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Magic Trick: How to get all your groceries without stepping out of the house.

I have always loved doing groceries. Its been one of my favorite things since I was a kid mostly because back then it used to make me feel like a grown up. Now that I am a grown up, it still feels great, but what I don’t like about it is the amount of time the entire process takes up most of the time. Sometimes I am extremely tired or late in bed on a Saturday afternoon mentally deciding that this is how the rest of the day will be too, when my help comes in and informs me that we are out of everything. Everything.


One option is to simply order food, but then its more than just about food. You have clothes that need to be washed, so you need washing powder, dish washing soap, shampoo, shower gel and the rest goes on. So basically, you say a big screw you to all your weekend plans and get up to go and get the groceries done.

Well, not anymore.

I was recently contacted by this local Online Grocery Store called Fresh DirectThey told me a little about their website and asked me to check out their services.

Fresh Direct is the website of any household-responsible-grocery-buying-persons dreams. They have everything available, from fresh fruits and vegetables to Personal Care items to Snacks to General Items. The website is still new so their range is a little limited, but everything that you need on a daily basis is already there, so you might want to go check it out.


When they asked me to try their services, I decided to order a bit of packages stuff but I was more interested in checking out the fresh items (fruits, vegetables) because its very simple to get boxed stuff delivered online but the quality of fresh items is what was going to either win or break my heart. So along with some random stuff, I ordered a few fruits and vegetables and I was not disappointed. The produce looked hand picked, fresh, no rotten pieces were sneaked into my bag so that made me super happy and I felt more confident about this entire online shopping thing.


I got a call from their customer service representative shortly after placing the order and they asked me for the time I wanted my order delivered. I gave them the time and my order was delivered right on time. They do same day deliveries so you don’t have to worry even if you need some stuff super urgently.

I personally found the prices very reasonable too, nothing too less or high than what is currently the market rate for all the available products, so I think I am going to be a regular customer.

Its incredible convenient, you can order your groceries from home in five simple steps.

1: Open the website (www.freshdirect.pk)
2. Add all your required products into your cart (It works like any other online shopping store)
3. Go to the check out page
4. Provide contact information and delivery address
5. Place order and then simply wait for magic to happen.

Currently they are only operating in Lahore (sorry everyone else!). You get free delivery on an order over RS 1000 so woohooo! AND they also deliver home cooked meals, however they don’t have an option for that on their website, but if you are interested in checking it out, you can give them a call on their number +92 300 6271627. They deliver orders between 10:00AM and 6:00PM.  You can also check out their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/freshdirect.pk to stay updated about any deals or discounts that might be up on their website.

You guys should totally give this service a try. I swear, I felt so cool ordering all my groceries while in my pj’s under my comforter. Beautiful feeling. Gonna go do it again for this weekend. Join meeeee!

Giveaway Week – Product no 8

*The Giveaway is now LIVE! Enter now! Click on: “How to Enter” for details*

Product no 8 for the giveaway is probably the perfect snack for those who love to eat, have an active sweet tooth but also like watching their weight. Extremely excited to collaborate with Fitlicious Pakistan  for this year’s giveaway. Their stuff really kept me going through out my shaadi days when I was trying to become all sexy but couldn’t control those cravings so I specially thank God for them every time when I pray.

Let me show you what we have for you here.


Healthy and delicious. Where were you all my life?

For this year’s giveaway, Fitlicious has given us One basket of their insane healthy goodies. They will surprise you with exactly what all is in there once you have won, but what I can promise you is that it will be incredible and so good for your body. Ideal situation. wah wah.

The Giveaway week – All you need to know.


I am beyond thrilled to be doing the first ever Giveaway week mostly because you awesome people are going to win so much really amazing stuff (Many thanks to my generous Giveaway partners!). I know you guys have many questions about the giveaway, so here are some answers for you.

  1. When will the giveaway go live? When can we enter?
    A: The giveaway will Inshaa’Allah go live on Saturday at 12:00 pm (PST) and will end on the 18th of December at 12:00 pm (PST)
  2. When will the winners be announced?
    A: The winner will be announced on the 19th of December.
  3. How many brands are participating and what products are going to be a part of this giveaway?
    A: We have over 15 brands this year (so exciting!) and there are a variety of products from skin care products to clothes to shoes and much much more. All the products and companies will be revealed in the next 2 days so you will know exactly what all is up for grabs.
  4.  Will there be only one winner? If no, then how many?
    A: There will be atleast 7 winners. One for each day of the giveaway week. Could be more too. Lets wait and watch.
  5. If there will be more than 1 winner, how will the prizes be distributed?
    A: Each winner will be getting a bunch of products that compliment each other. For instance, one winner may get a prize that includes a shirt, a pair of earrings, a pair of shoes, some makeup and a bag etc.
    Also, there are 3 companies/individuals that are providing gifts which can only be availed by people in certain cities, so the winners for those products/services will be determined based on the city. 
  6. How to enter the giveaway?
    A: The entire entry process will be shared this weekend when the giveaway is launched.
  7. Will you be deciding the winner?
    No. The giveaway will be running through an online application with a point based system, which will be monitoring the activity of all participants. So in order to ensure that I don’t end up distributing stuff within my favorite people (I mean me. I want to win) and to be fair, the app will be choosing the winner. However who gets which package will be decided by me at random. Once the winners are announced they cannot ask for a different prize. The announced results will be final.
  8.  How will the giveaway reach the winners?
    A: The winners will receive their winnings through courier. Please note that the cost of shipment will be taken care of by the winners. If the winner does not wish to comply, his/her winnings will automatically be offered to the next person in the winners list compiled by the app. 
  9. Can anyone participate?
    A: Unfortunately, this year, only people living in Pakistan can be a part of this giveaway.

That is it for the FAQ’s. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me on instagram and facebook or e-mail me at rantsofadesibride@gmail.com. I released the first brand to create some excitement and I can now feel it in the air (It could just be the flu that I can feel coming onto me very strongly, but lets believe its the excitement). Tomorrow and Friday, we will see all the other goodies and hopefully love them as much as I do. Lets do this!

Happy winning-awesome-stuff you guys!

Bridal Picks – Shamain

When my wedding dates were decided, I naturally started looking for the top 3 things on my list: The perfect venue, the perfect dress and of course, the perfect makeup artist. I was very sure of the look I wanted; very simple and subtle. No flashy stuff, no glittery dewy looks. I wanted to look like me instead of a white cakey thing. I wanted VERY natural looking makeup. So I started hunting for makeup artists who were known for being subtle and not long after that was the day when I was standing and making my booking at Shamain‘s.


Hello from a very dressed up me. 

Shamain is known for her stunning natural looking makeup and she is also very known for not over booking which is a major plus point. She takes a limited amount of brides per day so every girl gets proper attention unlike almost any other salon in Karachi. She does not cake-up the brides and keeps it unbelievably real which is exactly what I was looking for.

I booked her for my baraat and also decided to go with the salon for bridal services. I first went there 2 days before my wedding for the services. Waxing, facial, mani/pedi etc. The services were beyond amazing. My mani/pedi lasted over a week (by that I mean looked absolutely perfect and for someone whose hands start looking filthy within hours of getting it done, it was mind blowing). The staff was super courteous and sweet and they made sure I was being taken care of. The best part was I was the only bride booked for services during that slot so I felt super special and relaxed getting all that undivided attention. V.I.P treatment. I love.

On the day of the wedding, my appointment was booked for 1 pm, but I got there almost an hour early. I was received very nicely by the staff who confirmed my time/booking and then lead me to the changing room. I was then given a locker to keep all my precious belongings (Jewellery, bags etc) and then they handed over the key to me. The bride booked for the slot before me was unfortunately late but instead of making me wait, they look me straight to the makeup room where their amazing hair stylists asked me to explain the kind of hair I wanted and gave me EXACTLY that. Then one of the senior makeup artists asked me what sort of complexion I wanted (She said many brides request for a lighter tone, so they have to ask) and I told them I want to keep my own skin tone or a shade darker but NOT lighter. After she was done applying the foundation, I looked at myself and I looked just like me even after enough foundation on my face to last the entire night. Was super pleased with what they had done.


Picture taken by Shamain at the salon.

In the meantime Shamain arrived (I was now the first bride of the day) so she called me straight into her makeup room and talked to me a little. She is BEYOND sweet. She made me super comfortable. She asked me the sort of makeup I wanted and showed me what all she plans to use to give me the perfect look. During the entire makeup process, she kept showing me shades and colors to make sure I felt comfortable and that calmed me down immensely (It was either that or the kick ass qawalis she plays in her studio). I told her I wanted a dark lip color so she showed me this brand new color that she had just bought then and asked me if I am okay with trying that on. It was a very very dark color, kind of a mixture of maroon and plum. She put it on and we both loved it. But she did check with me 10 times if I was sold, which was very nice on her part. She finished the makeup, helped me put on my jewellery and instructed the staff on dupatta setting. The girls once again were extremely nice and made sure I got exactly what I was hoping for.


Look at how natural my face looks. MATLAB K WHATTTT?!?!

Also, I must add, my hair and makeup stayed flawless till the end of the event. I was surprised to see my face post event because it looked exactly like it did at the salon when I left like 7 hours earlier. So that was something.

I would definitely recommend Shamain to any bride-to-be in a heartbeat. If subtle and classic is your thing, she is your lady. My experience was incredible, thanks to the super sweet and humble Shamain and her insanely nice staff. If you want to book her for this wedding season, call her RIGHT NOW. I booked her a YEAR in advance because when you are that good, you get booked real quick. Check her work out on facebook and instagram.

You can find her page on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Shamainsmakeup
For bookings and details you can call the salon at: 021-35888132
Or visit the salon: 33/C 1st Sunset Commercial Street, Phase 4, DHA Karachi



Doing the honeymoon posts before the wedding posts because its so fresh in my mind right now (and I really want to wait for the nice wedding pictures hehe)

Faizan and I decided a long time ago to go to an unconventional place for our honeymoon (Even though the first place we thought of was Greece LOL.) Its became really hard for us to decide on a country because:

  1. we were getting married in December and the honeymoon had to begin around end Dec, Start of January type which means the entire world is either snowing or raining or too far away.
  2. The only affordable nice weather beachy options were Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia types but I had one requirement: I dont want a busy place thats dying with tourists and I end up running into 10 people I know (sorry people I know!) because I wanted some serious me and alone time with the new husband.
  3. The other nice beachy options included the Caribbean type places but I’d rather die than spend 2 days on a plane specially when Faizan had to go back to work within a day of coming back because zero time to relax. Plus even though the accommodation seemed pretty affordable the tickets alone were costing a fortune so yiiiikkkeesss nooowayyy type scene.
  4. We wanted to go to a place both of us have never been to (I was focusing more on a new continent actually) and since Alhamdulillah we are well traveled, that really narrowed the options.


I’d be lying if I say Tanzania was our first choice and always wanted to go there. It was actually no where near the list that we first made. Greece (Too cold!), Madagascar, Samoa, Fiji, Seychelles (Monsoon season ppppffffttt) and then finally after a lot of google “Where to go on Honeymoon in January/top Destinations for January honeymoons: Tanzania.

Am I happy we decided on Tanzania: BEYOND HAPPY.

Was it everything I wanted: BEYOND EXPECTATIONS.

Am I exaggerating a little: NOT AT ALL.

We decided to leave on the 29th of December (right after our valima in Lahore). We decided to stay a couple of days in Dubai and celebrate new years there (small post for Dubai will be coming up shortly!) We planned the entire thing ourselves and researched for the whole thing online for around 6 months because NO travel agents in the country arranges trips to Tanzania. Losers. Please note that tripadvisor is the best thing that happened to anyone who is travelling to a place that they are completely clueless about.

Hey there, shy mountain hiding behind clouds!

Tanzania has a lot going on, so we decided to divide the trip into 2 parts. Safari (on Faizans request) Beach (on my request, Faizan magically believes that it was his idea too – No.) So we ended up doing a 4 day safari and then 5 days bumming around the gorgeous Indian ocean and then back home.

Will be doing separate posts for the two very different experiences with all the details justforyouguysssss very very soon.