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First Anniversary – The Present

We recently celebrated our first anniversary and it was nothing that we planned we’d do on the day yet it was perfect. Faizan and I decided to keep it low key. Do a small lunch with the family (never happened!), go to our favorite place for dinner (never happened). He decided he’ll take the day

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One year later – What I learned (Part II)

As promised, I nagged Faizan till he gave up and decided to have a conversation with me about everything that he learned during the past one year as a married person.If you missed the post I did about my learnings, you can find it here. So without wasting anymore time, I’ll get to his part right

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1 Year Later – What I learned.

Before I begin this piece, I want to clarify that whatever you read below is based on my personal experience and thought process. I completely understand that people lead different lives and not everyone will be able to relate and understand so when we reach that point, we will just move on accepting that fact

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