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First Anniversary – The Present

We recently celebrated our first anniversary and it was nothing that we planned we’d do on the day yet it was perfect.


One year to this day of posing and not letting rukhsati happen till I’ve had my fair share of biryani

Faizan and I decided to keep it low key. Do a small lunch with the family (never happened!), go to our favorite place for dinner (never happened). He decided he’ll take the day off from work (He did, but had to go at the last minute due to a work emergency). We weren’t sure if we wanted to exchange gifts but then we though that first wedding anniversary will only come once, so why not.


Exhibit A of why we will always remain fat 🙂

I initially decided to get him some stuff that he liked and wanted but something or the other kept on happening and my plan kept of getting screwed. I had saved up money and knew exactly what I wanted to get him till I figured he didn’t need it. His present BLEW ME AWAY (Not going to say here what it was, instead will do a post on that here soon. If you follow me on snapchat or insta you already know what it is!) and that’s when I realized the only thing important in a present its the emotional and sentimental value that goes into a present and not how fancy it is or the monetary value.


So I got him a box full of stuff that he loves to eat (all sorts of chips, chocolates, ice creams, cookies etc) and I made him a coupon book.


I gave myself a hell lot of work through this coupons. Things you do for love.

So basically it consisted around 10 coupons that he can redeem at any time. I put in stuff he likes doing/does not like doing so I can do them etc and he LOVED it (The most important thing of course!). Super easy to make and extremely valuable without tearing a hole in your wallet. All you need is a sketch book sheet/chart paper that you can cut into any shape you want for the coupons, markers and a brain. hehe. It can be easily made for birthdays, anniversaries etc and not just for your husband/wife but for anyone. Could be for your parents, your siblings, friends etc.


I made tiny drawings too. Hehe.

Will do a separate post on his present soon because its insane, I love it too much and it deserves a post of its own. See you then.

The Giveaway week – All you need to know.


I am beyond thrilled to be doing the first ever Giveaway week mostly because you awesome people are going to win so much really amazing stuff (Many thanks to my generous Giveaway partners!). I know you guys have many questions about the giveaway, so here are some answers for you.

  1. When will the giveaway go live? When can we enter?
    A: The giveaway will Inshaa’Allah go live on Saturday at 12:00 pm (PST) and will end on the 18th of December at 12:00 pm (PST)
  2. When will the winners be announced?
    A: The winner will be announced on the 19th of December.
  3. How many brands are participating and what products are going to be a part of this giveaway?
    A: We have over 15 brands this year (so exciting!) and there are a variety of products from skin care products to clothes to shoes and much much more. All the products and companies will be revealed in the next 2 days so you will know exactly what all is up for grabs.
  4.  Will there be only one winner? If no, then how many?
    A: There will be atleast 7 winners. One for each day of the giveaway week. Could be more too. Lets wait and watch.
  5. If there will be more than 1 winner, how will the prizes be distributed?
    A: Each winner will be getting a bunch of products that compliment each other. For instance, one winner may get a prize that includes a shirt, a pair of earrings, a pair of shoes, some makeup and a bag etc.
    Also, there are 3 companies/individuals that are providing gifts which can only be availed by people in certain cities, so the winners for those products/services will be determined based on the city. 
  6. How to enter the giveaway?
    A: The entire entry process will be shared this weekend when the giveaway is launched.
  7. Will you be deciding the winner?
    No. The giveaway will be running through an online application with a point based system, which will be monitoring the activity of all participants. So in order to ensure that I don’t end up distributing stuff within my favorite people (I mean me. I want to win) and to be fair, the app will be choosing the winner. However who gets which package will be decided by me at random. Once the winners are announced they cannot ask for a different prize. The announced results will be final.
  8.  How will the giveaway reach the winners?
    A: The winners will receive their winnings through courier. Please note that the cost of shipment will be taken care of by the winners. If the winner does not wish to comply, his/her winnings will automatically be offered to the next person in the winners list compiled by the app. 
  9. Can anyone participate?
    A: Unfortunately, this year, only people living in Pakistan can be a part of this giveaway.

That is it for the FAQ’s. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me on instagram and facebook or e-mail me at rantsofadesibride@gmail.com. I released the first brand to create some excitement and I can now feel it in the air (It could just be the flu that I can feel coming onto me very strongly, but lets believe its the excitement). Tomorrow and Friday, we will see all the other goodies and hopefully love them as much as I do. Lets do this!

Happy winning-awesome-stuff you guys!

Tanzania – Safari (Part 1)


So as I mentioned in my previous post, we decided to divide our honeymoon into 2 parts. First was Safari on request of Faizan. We planned our trip with this safari tour company called Kilidove. Its based in Tanzania and this company make customized trips arrording to your budget and requirements. It was ideal for us because we couldnt find a safari that was less than like 5 nights on other pages and they planned a much more relaxed and suitable itinerary for us. The entire thing was planned over emails, payments were made online so we were naturally a little nervous but everything was planned brilliantly and we had the time of our lives. Zero exaggeration.

We booked a 4 day 3 night Safari with Kilidove in which we covered 3 major places.

Day 1: Lake Manyara National park
Day 2: Serengeti National park
Day 3: Serengeti National park
Day 4: Ngorongoro crater (Will be covered in the next post!)

For people like Faizan and I who love to explore new things but arent exactly crazy wild life enthusiasts, this was actually perfect and we were pretty happy we didnt go with one of those longer safaris because by the end of it I was pretty sure I would live happily going without seeing any more Lions or Zebras up close.



Lake Manyara national park Entrance!

This place was like an incredibly green and beautiful forest. It wasnt a forest but it was so so green and lush that it felt like we were driving in the middle of the forest and before you knew it, there were plains and animals all around us. Here we saw Elephants, a million baboons and different types of monkeys, Zebras, Antelopes, many many different kind of birds, Buffaloes, Wildebeests, Giraffes. You get the point. Lot of animals. No lions or leopards here. The lake however was a major disappointment because it wasnt monsoon reason so pretty dried up and even though it was there we could only see it from really far away since there are certain boundaries set up by the authorities that you can cross for safety purposes. So long distance view of the lake boohoo.

The cute notice board/map of the park and some random tourism stuff at the entrance of the park

Check out our sweeeeettt ride for the Safari


Handsome boy trying to fix the selfie stick


Baby Elephant got scared so ran away 😦


Random couple posing at the park 🙂



Roamed around the park for a good 5/6 hours and then headed back. This night we were provided accommodation at Eileens Tree lodge which was absolutely amazing.


My Favorite spot at Eileens. This tiny sitting area outside our chalet which was surrounded by flowers and trees and I am a loser so took picture at night when nothing was visible.

This park was the entire reason behind going on a safari because Faizan has apparently “ALWAYS wanted to go there”. I personally never knew it existed before I started planning the honeymoon so no points for me but the more I researched the more excited I got and I was pretty thrilled that day so wooohhooo.


50 shades of blue in this picture and please notice my hand randomly resting on my cheek. WTH?

We left the lodge early morning on day 2 and start driving towards serengeti. It was almost a 3 hour drive from the lodge till the entrance of serengeti but there was so much to see ourside. We entered through the Ngorongoro conservation area, crossed it and then reached Serengeti.


Boy waiting while the driver/guide was getting the paperwork done for our entry in the Ngorongoro conservation area.


Loved these sign painted on the walls pointing towards the rest room. Very important of course, so had to share.

On the way there, suddenly in the middle of nowhere our driver stopped the car and told us he had a surprise for us. When we got off we saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. It  was a view of Ngorongoro crater from the top of this mountain and I was dying because it was insanely gorgeous. I’ve seen quite a bit of the world Alhamdulillah but this was beyond anything I’ve ever seen before.


Picture doing zero justice to what the place actually looks like.

Left there after ooh’ing and aah’ing too much and then stopped once again at a small Masai village. This is a tribe in Africa that lives in the wild, have absolutely no contact with the outside world, no phones, no TV, they make fire with sticks god damn it. They along with the government of Tanzania started this initiative where they take tourists around their village, show them their lifestyle and homes against donations and a fee of $50 per car through which they raise money for their kids education which btw, is also done inside the village because they do not want their kids to get influenced by any “outside world” shiny stuff. They are also protecting the wild life in the area (up for debate really because we read somewhere that if a lion or any other animal hurts their cattle, they kill the animal with their spears as revenge. YIKESSSSSSSS!). What was incredible was really the fact how they live their lives. It was like moving back into some 100 year old place because in all honesty, people like you and I wouldnt even last an hour there.


Masai Warriors in their village.


Left the village and then finally on the way to the park. RIGHT before the entrance, we looked on one side and saw atleast 500 zebras and even more wildebeests running in one direction and we were told that that was the head of the great migration (LOOK it up if you dont know about it because its SUPER cool!) and Faiz and I were in absolute awe.


Zebras and wildebeests eerrryyyywwwhhhheeerrreee

Entered the park and the first thing we did was start looking for lions because thats all what Faizan really wanted to see. Serengeti is endless. Its plains everywhere you look. This season, the grass is a little higher so we had to search a bit for the animals. First day was not as exciting as we imagined because couldnt see a million animals and after watching all those shows on Nat geo from bachpan till now, thats kind of what we were expecting. But even then, we saw lions, lionesses, hippos, buffaloes, giraffes, leopards, monkeys and a few more.


Searching for animals okkkkaayyyyyy

Camped that night inside the park and even though it was extremely exciting, I will be honest and tell you it was horrifying haha. We could hear animals the entire night and that kind of kept us awake and freaked out. More on that when i discuss the best and worst of this trip later.

Saw many many more animals on day 3. Many lions up close so Faizan felt happy finally. Zebras, wildebeests, heartbeests, antelopes, guzeles, monkeys, hippos, giraffes, leopards, 50 kinds of birds and many that i cant honestly recall the names of.


Giraffe looking super uncomfortable having lunch 😦


Sick Lioness was eating grass not long before this picture 😦

In the afternoon on day 3, we left the park and drove towards our accommodation for the night which was BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. Rhino Lodge was the name of the place and it was in the middle of heaven. Most gorgeous views, FABULOUS food, their dinning room i wanted to take home with me because it was insanely cozy and pyara.


The amazing view from our room at the Rhino lodge


Food Rants – Baked Fish with Vegetables


As you know I am on and off on this healthy eating mission and since now I clearly dont have much time till the wedding but got much fat to burn, decided to take action (again) and start eating healthy. First healthy lunch of the season was a super easy baked fish with vegetables. Its so simple it makes me cry. It also tastes pretty decent for something thats healthy, so I love it even more. Here’s the recipe!

Ingredients (Serves 2!)
– 1 Carrot
– Half eggplant
– 1 Capsicum
– 1 Cucumber
– 1 Tomato
– 8-10 Olives
– 2 Lemons
– Pomegranate seeds (per choice. I love, so I used)
– Green Chilies (As per your taste)
– One filet of fish, sliced into 4
– Salt (To taste)
– Pepper (To Taste)
– Soy Sauce (8 tbsp / 4 per serving)

(You can any more non-starchy vegetables, as much as you want and can subtract any vegetable that you dont like. No pressure or anything to eat all sabzis)

Extra Thing needed:
– Foil


Step 1: Cut all the vegetables in small cubes and pre heat your oven at 200.


Choti choti sabzis.

Step 2: Cut two big squares out of your foil paper and lay them out straight on a flat surface.

Step 3: Pile up your vegetables in the middle of your cuttings on foil.


Step 4: Place the fish pieces on top and add a generous amount of pepper and salt.


Step 5: Then add 4 tbsp of soya sauce to each and then wrap your vegetable and fish mix and make small packets out of the foil. Make sure that its completely sealed from everywhere and there is no way for air or any liquid to escape.

12270495_10201283775213718_1634606144_n (1)

Step 6: Put it in a pre heated oven (I heated mine at 200 for around 10 minutes and then after adding my packets in the oven, I turned it down to 150)

Step 7: Place your foil packs in a baking tray and pop them in your oven for 12-15 minutes. (If you are using a VERY big piece of fish, you might want to give it a few minutes extra) and then just take it out.

Step 8: Open the steaming packets, add lemon on top of your fish (and also a little freshly ground pepper if you want!) and serve.



Make. Eat. Love. Send me prayers. Good. Bye.

Pre Wedding Lahore – Part III


Hello and welcome to the part two of my 14 day Trip to Lahore earlier this month. If you missed the first and second part, dont be shy and check it out shamelessly by clicking on the following links:
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(Going to start with the next day.)

Beautiesssssss, Mashaa’Allah ❤

Day 10: The valima day. The night before this went to stay over at this really fun friends place and in the morning she and two other friends took my out for a Lahori nashta. For the first time in my life I had nihari and naan for nashta WITH lassi. Not the best decision keeping in mind that fact that I had to wear a sari later that night :P. Honaywala had to get himself a shirt and tie to wear at the valima, so he and I picked a friend up and then went out shopping (Ended up buying like 5 ties because they were gorgeous and on sale LOL). Went to the valima and it was beautiful. The decor was lovely and dulhan dulha tou wesay he are my absolute favorites so fun day.


Post valima the entire wedding party went for for dessert and coffee tou bara maza aya. Did a little shopping for honaywala from shaadi’s point of view too (stuff that goes from larkiwala’s place to larkaywala type shopping, clothes and shoes and stuff.)

Shaadi wise rating: Rarely productive


Here is a picture of me lovingly (and very badly) fixing the dupatta of my baby girl.

Day 11: One of my closest baby friends, someone I consider my younger sister got her nikah planned out of absolutely no where and it was on this day. I got a call from her two days back and out of no where she said she was getting married and the nikah was on Monday afternoon at Badshahi mosque and I was like WHAAT ISSS HAPPENING.So that day woke up and in the afternoon the newly weds had asked everyone to meet for lunch so went there and then got dropped at the parlor where my friend was getting ready. Didnt even keep any proper clothes or anything so just decided to put on some makeup and leave for the mosque for the nikah.

Such a beauty queen this one is Mashaa'Allah. PhotoCredits: Palwasha Minhas

Such a beauty queen this one is Mashaa’Allah. PhotoCredits: Palwasha Minhas

Was so unprepared that didnt even have a dupatta on me and had to ask a friend to bring it with her lol. Also ended up meeting my valima photographer who I had booked online a couple of weeks back and had never met. She was covering the nikah so figured how she works and her style and stuff. Then the nikah happened – SO EMO OMG. Right after the nikah we had to run out again for the reception. Friend went back to the salon for touch ups and I went to honaywalas place, got ready and then left with him for the reception. Got back home, watched a movie and went to sleep.

Shaadi wise rating: Zero productivity

Day 12: Was supposed to get my shaadi jora today but didnt and was supposed to leave the next day but naturally couldnt because had to take the jora with me har haal mein. So honaywala called the travel agent and changed my ticket and that was done. Got a little shit from home about extending my stay even more because like bauhat ho gaya tha lol but khair. I missed my brothers birthday during this trip so decided to get him something great as a present. Realized he is turning 23 and never owned a real man type watch so honaywala and I went watch shopping and got him a great watch which he feels very thankful for and I love when that happens haha. We also went looking for sofas and stuff for the room, found nothing and finally decided we werent going to find anything so should get something custom made. (Thats stuff pending btw LOLOLOL). What we did do was buy stuff TV and things like that for our living room – probably the most exciting part of the entire shaadi shopping for honaywala. HE WAS SO EXCITED OHMYGOD. we went to three shops back and forth like 10 times because he couldnt decide whether he wants LG or Sony or Samsung. But ended up buying it finally and this sense of fulfillment washed over me like we got something real done today

Shaadi wise rating: Super Productive

Day 13: Woke up and mother in law picked me up and we decided to head out and get stuff done like real ladies. We went out to this market and bought fabric for a sofa and curtains. Then went to these other shops and bought a carpet. Got back home, Got everything set and the living room started taking some shape and it felt AMAZING. A lot still needs to be done to that space but I think its just a matter of time and everything will settle out khud se slowly and gradually. Also went to pick up my bridal dress but the fitting needed a little work so made an arrangement where i was going to pick the jora right before my flight the next morning. Was leaving the next day so made a plan to meet the newly weds late at night and catch up on gossip and stuff. Had such a fun time and goodbyes were so weird because I knew the next time I’ll see them Inshaa’Allah

Shaadi wise rating: Super Productive


Belgian chocolate killer gol gappay.

Day 14: Had my flight scheduled for around 3 in the afternoon. So went with mother in law to pick up my dress and ufffff SO HAPPY ALHAMDULILLAH. honaywala came back from work  break le ker so he could drop me off at the airport. We left the house early just to be safe and reached the airport bauhat he ziada jaldi. So just sat in the car and chilled for a bit. Discussed some stuff, got asked by the police people there to move the car like 10 times hehe and when we figured we must move now tou i got off the car we said goodbyes and I went to get my ticket printed. Ticket print karaya and went to the place where you enter the check in area from and realized there was a STUPID error in my ticket. It was booked from Islamabad instead of Lahore. Can you believe it? Rushed to the airline counter, got laughed at by 10 different people, got the ticket changed to later at night. called honaywala to come back and pick me up. lol. He came back, we went back home. On our way back we stopped at this shop to check out some lamps, we thought ab time hai tou must get some work done lol. He dropped me home and went to work. I fell asleep, woke up when honaywala came to get me. Went to his place, ate pakoras, chilled with aunty for a bit and then finally left for the airport. in the middle honaywala and i decided to have dinner. One last BIG dinner before we start eating healthy for missionsexyshaadi2015 (still not happening btw) and ATE SO MUCH THAT I COULDNT MOVE.

We were clearly very sad.

We were clearly very sad.

After convincing myself I can do it, got up and went to the airport. Said our goodbyes again, with less feelings because had our moment earlier in the day and now we both just wanted me to go hahaha. Flight got delayed again, but eventually took off and I got back home.

And that my friends, was my last trip to Lahore before the shaadi. *Clapping*