The Green Wedding.

The annual wedding season is back. There will be a million and one weddings again this year, but I would like to share about a one-of-a-kind wedding. An eco-friendly, green wedding.

Introducing the bride and the groom, Wasma Imran and Mahin Khan.


I’ve known Wasma for a few years through work and she is definitely one of the most “green” people I know. I mean we all know that plastic is bad and we should reduce our overall waste but not many people actually do something about it.  I didn’t know much about her husband to be (Except for that he co-founded the Recircle, a company that provides a sustainable alternative (menstrual cups) to disposable menstrual products – its VERY awesome, you guys must check out their website

Wasma and Mahin are Inshaa’Allah all set to get married in a little over a month and you will not believe the wedding that they have planned.

They are having a eco-friendly wedding.

Wasma told me what they were doing and I was completely blown away. I asked her a few questions to learn more about this super cool wedding and here are all the details.

How did you guys come up with this idea?
Wasma: Around 2 years ago, Mahin and I started really notice how plastic was engulfing the planet and actively started to look for making switches. In that process we also found out about menstrual cups, and after starting Recircle we have been more conscious than ever to make sustainable choices. Every time we step out of the house were sure to carry a cotton tote bag and our stainless steel bottles. I also make sure I have my stainless steel cutlery bag with me including a straw in it. From bathroom items, like not using bottled shampoos to trying our best that we don’t do takeaways to avoid plastic packaging- we really want to live a life that isn’t a burden for the planet because it’s beautiful and all the efforts are so worth it!

Our wedding is yet another example of how we wanted to ‘not’ harm the environment while we were taking this really big step in our lives. It was just about staying true to our principles and practice what we believe in. We started with the idea of a one-day-wedding and gradually realised how apart from avoiding unnecessary costs, we could actually incorporate a zero-waste theme to it. So we sat down and thought of all the possible ways to cut down on waste. We set a budget for the wedding and gave each other the challenge of managing everything below the budget so that we could save from it too.

Tell us more in detail about all the things you guys are doing differently:
Wasma: We started with jewelry and wedding rings! Mahin has always been really intrigued by meteorites so when he showed me meteorite rings I was all in for getting them. Especially because the rings were made of recycled silver and the meteorites represent hundreds of years of history. It gives me chills whenever I think of having a part of the outer space on my hand at all times! Haha. We got our rings hand crafted from Europe. And while it sounds really fancy, meteorite rings are really cheap! 1/50th the price of diamonds. Not many people buy them and meteorites are basically iron rocks – so they’re not valued too much; Mahin’s ring was $410 (shipping included!) and mine cost less than $200! The ring were designed by Josephine Ryan who lists her rings on etsy, so they were ordered from etsy and delivered to a friends place in the US since the customs can get tricky in Pakistan.


Then I decided to let go of the age old tradition of wearing gold jewellery and thought of getting my jewellery hand crafted from scrap metal + recycled silver. Esfir Jewels did this for me. I found it so cool that I got this jewellery made at such an affordable price and it’s so beautiful at the same time!

Then came wedding invites! We wanted to go completely paperless with the wedding invites but there are some people who wouldn’t have access to them so we got seed paper invites done for them. These seed paper invites, when buried and watered regularly, turn to basil plants. The paper is 100% biodegradable. By having a one-day function we hope to save on all the waste that’s created from 20 functions during weddings – but in that one function too we’ve done things to avoid waste.


We’re having an afternoon wedding in an open farmhouse that we rented. We’re using reusable decorations. Even though flowers are biodegradable but why buy super expensive flowers that will turn to nothing in some hours? We’re using artificial flowers that will be used many many times on other weddings too. For wedding favors, we’re giving 100% recycled pouches with nuts only- no packaged stuff and with that small pots with plants in them. All wedding arrangements are being taken care of by The wedding Whizz.

We have completely eliminated use of plastic straws and we made sure drinks at the wedding will not be in plastic bottles. We’re getting glass bottles which will go back to the factory for recycling. For water, we’re getting 19 litre nestle bottles, which go back to recycling to the company too. No 1.5 litre bottles on tables at the wedding.Water will be available in steel dispensers emptied from big bottles.

We also wanted to take care of the waste created by food, therefore we partnered with Rizq so any leftover food will be distributed to people in need, and the bones etc will go into making compost by a solid waste management company.

How did the families react to this?
Wasma: Mahin’s family always wanted a small function with close relatives and they were very excited about incorporating the eco-friendly theme too. My family however loves partying, they love dancing and they are basically the definition of a loud punjabi family- something I really enjoy btw. So, for them to accept a no-mehndi wedding was rather difficult. But, they’ve been really really understanding about everything and I’m so thankful that they compromised on each aspect for my happiness. My mom wanted to have a milaad before the wedding so a week before the wedding we are having a milaad at our house and a small mayoun at our house, but that’s it. So basically, our families have been awesome!

Mahin and I are so excited for our wedding because we did all the planning together with the hep of our families. I really wish all couples have the pleasure to do the same!

Note from me to you: I am so incredibly happy to see these people so aware of their surroundings and actually doing something to make a difference. Obviously nothing against those who are planning their weddings the regular way (mine was one of those as well!), but its really nice to see a change happening in our society where people are being selfless even on one of the most important days of their lives.

Here is a list of all the vendors they hired to help them with their awesome wedding-to-be:
Jewelry: Esfir Jewels
Rings: Designed by Josephine Ryan (ordered via Etsy)
Invites/Event: The Wedding Whizz
Leftover Food Pickup: Rizq

P.S: If anyone has badtameezi to do and say shit like they are being kanjoos or stupid, please take chullo bhar paani and feel free to doob mar. Thanks and bye!!

2 thoughts on “The Green Wedding.

  1. Poppy says:

    I just LOVE this idea. All the best to the two of them. My husband and I also try to follow a zero waste lifestyle as much as we can. Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible when we got married but we are making up for it.


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