Soul Sisters Pakistan – Spa Date

Last weekend I attended the Soul sisters spa date and it was absolutely incredible. Long post ahead, but since SO many of you asked me to tell you all about it on my snapchat and instastories, I don’t want to miss out on any details, okay?

When Kanwal (super awesome person who runs Soul Sisters Pakistan) invited me to the event, I didn’t know what to expect. She gave me a bit of an idea of what the event was going to be like but I was not exactly sure how it was going to work out. Over a 100 women, connected basically just through a Facebook group meeting up and me (being in my current anti-social workaholic phase) – wasn’t sure it was going to be my scene, but since I really like Kanwal and she promised me good food and spa services, I decided to go and check it out.

As soon as I entered, two nice girls welcomed me, checked my name on the list (Did I mention that this is a very exclusive invite-only event and only 100 something out of over 36000 girls on the group get to attend? This is when I start feeling extra special hehe), put a band on my wrist (just like the ones you get at a concert or a high security event. Feeling extra special part II), then they also gave me a small token to get a free magnum from the magnum bar that I love very very much and asked me which spa service I would like to avail and I decided on a foot massage. They handed me a coupon for raintree (its one of the absolute best places in Karachi to go to for a massage. Extra special part III) and then I officially entered the venue. Ran into Kanwal foran hi miraculously, considering she was insanely occupied and she was as sweet as ever. Had a tiny chat with her and then I decided to check the place out.


First thing I noticed was how pretty the event décor was. It was one of those beautiful Karachi evenings, so that kind of added to the whole thing as well. LOVED the table arrangements.


To be honest I felt a little overwhelmed. There were too many women around me, talking like they’ve known each other for ages. I really couldn’t figure out where to sit or who to talk to (the ghost of the anti-social present was haunting me). Then I ran into a friend from work and I stuck by her like a 3 year old sticks with his/her mom at a dour kay rishtadaar ki baiti ki shaadi. We went and sat a table with around 6 other girls. They were all having these really interesting conversation about life and work and a lot of other things. Since I am usually always hanging out with my pillow or my husband, this was very different, but in a good way. Its funny how much you learn about people in such little time, I heard so many very beautiful stories. I will respect all those lovely ladies ki privacy and not share them here, but take my word – it all made me realize how much people go through and how strong they are even when they don’t always realize it.


Had some incredible food and then I excused myself from the table and decided to go around and check out the place. So it was divided into a few sections. On one side all 3 spa setups were in action. Girls were getting massages and their nails done etc. I went to the rain tree booth and bloody hell it was the best decision of my entire life. I love massages and I love nothing more than a good foot massage. I am always on my feet at work since I have the beemari of walking when I am on call and job is such that I am on the phone most of the time so my feet have been suffering quite a bit. I made myself comfortable on one of those big fluffy chairs and asked the nice lady at the booth to go crazy. BEST.TIME.EVER. It wasn’t one of those rushed massages that you usually get, specially if you have a voucher or something. She took her sweet time and It was just perfect. LOVED it. TOO MUCH.



Went and got my beautiful magnum with all these very safe toppings (they had crazy stuff like red chili flakes etc). There was a maybelline booth in one corner where a lot of girls were getting makeovers. Rafhan booth with the best God damn desserts ever. A sunsilk photobooth that I feel like an idiot for not getting a picture taken in but koi baat nahe. And of course there was a green tea stall by lipton to wash it all down. 900 chohay kha k hajj ko chali type scene hahaha. So you get the point, it was a super happening event. Activity ALL over.


One of the best parts about this event was meeting a lot of you guys. THANK YOU for giving me so much love at the event. I love love love meeting you guys randomly so this was crazy having so many of you coming up to me and giving me your pyar. Pappi for all of you beautiful girls.


When I was heading back home, they gave me this ginormous goodie bag, with too many really cool things. Matlab food, massage, ice cream AND gifts. I know now why girls go insane to get a ticket to this thing haha. Just kidding – don’t kill me girls. I AM JUST KIDDING.


Kanwal giving her best smile while I am probably in the middle of a full pait dance move after having all that delicious food. Also this was the best picture out of all that we took that day LOLLLL. 

Thank you once again Kanwal was inviting me. I just want to commend this woman for 1. Making this group where so many women feel protected and at home 2. For managing it so professionally. It’s that safe space for many women where people pour their hearts out and have so many others to help them with whatever it is they are going through. May it be post marriage issues or just figuring out how to clean a burnt pateela – its all there. I have been a part of the Soul Sisters Pakistan group for somewhere around a year now and even though I am guilty of not being an active member (Sorry Kanwal, please don’t kick me out. PLEASE DON’T. ) I do quite often just go over the posts made by all these other incredible women and gain a lot of strength and inspiration from them.

Click HERE to check out Soul Sisters Pakistans facebook page and HERE to join the SSP Facebook group.

(Its a closed group so you have to be accepted by the admin of the group to be able to become a part of it. If you are a woman and you are nice, you are most likely to be accepted)



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