Tres Leches Cake by Imperial Cakes

I found my new food love in Tres Leches/Three Milk Cake and I swear to God I’ve never had a better one than this beauty from Imperial Cakes.

I’ve been trying this cake from all over the city (I’ve tried 5 different places so far) and this one definitely tops the list. These nice people sent it over to my place to try it out and everyone LOVED it, including my mother in law, who generally is not too crazy about cakes. Its incredibly moist, not too sweet, the chocolate on top is to die for – its crazy rich and smooth. I ordered it once again for my sisters birthday and this cake is a serious crowd pleaser. TOO TOO GOOD. Must try type. Seriously.

The chocolate top is to DIE for. I swear.

I’ve heard the other desserts at Imperial cakes are equally good if not better. I always end up ordering this one so I may never find out haha.

But giving all the details here once again, in case you too want to fall in love with a piece of cake.

What to order: Tres Leches Cake
Where from: Imperial Cakes – Karachi
Price: PKR 1650 (3 lbs)
Delivery Charges: PKR 200-300
How to order: Call on +92 345 2131814

To check out their facebook page, Click Here.




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