Magic Trick: How to get all your groceries without stepping out of the house.

I have always loved doing groceries. Its been one of my favorite things since I was a kid mostly because back then it used to make me feel like a grown up. Now that I am a grown up, it still feels great, but what I don’t like about it is the amount of time the entire process takes up most of the time. Sometimes I am extremely tired or late in bed on a Saturday afternoon mentally deciding that this is how the rest of the day will be too, when my help comes in and informs me that we are out of everything. Everything.


One option is to simply order food, but then its more than just about food. You have clothes that need to be washed, so you need washing powder, dish washing soap, shampoo, shower gel and the rest goes on. So basically, you say a big screw you to all your weekend plans and get up to go and get the groceries done.

Well, not anymore.

I was recently contacted by this local Online Grocery Store called Fresh DirectThey told me a little about their website and asked me to check out their services.

Fresh Direct is the website of any household-responsible-grocery-buying-persons dreams. They have everything available, from fresh fruits and vegetables to Personal Care items to Snacks to General Items. The website is still new so their range is a little limited, but everything that you need on a daily basis is already there, so you might want to go check it out.


When they asked me to try their services, I decided to order a bit of packages stuff but I was more interested in checking out the fresh items (fruits, vegetables) because its very simple to get boxed stuff delivered online but the quality of fresh items is what was going to either win or break my heart. So along with some random stuff, I ordered a few fruits and vegetables and I was not disappointed. The produce looked hand picked, fresh, no rotten pieces were sneaked into my bag so that made me super happy and I felt more confident about this entire online shopping thing.


I got a call from their customer service representative shortly after placing the order and they asked me for the time I wanted my order delivered. I gave them the time and my order was delivered right on time. They do same day deliveries so you don’t have to worry even if you need some stuff super urgently.

I personally found the prices very reasonable too, nothing too less or high than what is currently the market rate for all the available products, so I think I am going to be a regular customer.

Its incredible convenient, you can order your groceries from home in five simple steps.

1: Open the website (
2. Add all your required products into your cart (It works like any other online shopping store)
3. Go to the check out page
4. Provide contact information and delivery address
5. Place order and then simply wait for magic to happen.

Currently they are only operating in Lahore (sorry everyone else!). You get free delivery on an order over RS 1000 so woohooo! AND they also deliver home cooked meals, however they don’t have an option for that on their website, but if you are interested in checking it out, you can give them a call on their number +92 300 6271627. They deliver orders between 10:00AM and 6:00PM.  You can also check out their facebook page: to stay updated about any deals or discounts that might be up on their website.

You guys should totally give this service a try. I swear, I felt so cool ordering all my groceries while in my pj’s under my comforter. Beautiful feeling. Gonna go do it again for this weekend. Join meeeee!

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