Giveaway Week – Product # 17

*The Giveaway is now LIVE! Enter now! Click on: “How to Enter” for details*

Next up on the giveaway is something that may help you get a little motivated to start working out (Dont get defensive,everyone needs to/should work out. Not saying you are fat. Chill.) Our friends at c9 Apparel makes the most comfortable work out clothes and accessories and they have sent us a little something for you guys.


Only the shirts are for you. The shoes are mine, the shorts are my husbands and the bottle was sent to me lovingly by c9 Apparel. Won’t give it to you. Free na ho.


I love this shirt because its asking me to eat more (Completely ignoring the “Burn More” bit)

For this year’s giveaway, C9 Apparel has sent us:

  1. 1 workout T-shit (Men)
  2. 1 workout T-shirt (women)

I would totally start working out if I had these shirts. (Says the girl with chocolate in her mouth. One day I will start. One day..)

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