Giveaway Week – Product no 15

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I am someone who never had the stamina or patience to watch an entire movie, so till before my wedding, I would stick to seasons or would break a movie into 4 parts and watch it in my self made episodes. I rarely ever went to the cinema. My husband however has seen all the movies in the world and made it his lifes mission to make me watch all his favorite movies and now I am hooked. Shared story because why not but the more important thing is this next prize, many thanks to the wonderful people at Oye Hoye.


Secret: I applied nail color just on my thumb for this picture. Lolololololololol.

For this year’s giveaway, Oye Hoye has given us, 2 free Movie Tickets  (Only valid for people in Lahore, sorry everyone else!) for any movie of your choice. If I were you, I would’ve made a date night out of it and had a kick ass time. Do tell me what you have in mind for your free movie night!

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