Giveaway Weekend – Product # 13

*The Giveaway is now LIVE! Enter now! Click on: “How to Enter” for details*

I may have lived in Karachi and now Lahore all my life, but some how most exclusive deals in this giveaway are for people in Islamabad.


This next reveal in this giveaway is one of my favorites. One of the most talented photographers I know, Waleed Muzaffar is offering a FREE PHOTOSHOOT for one of the winners from Islamabad.

(Note: This Photoshoot is going to be one of those chilling friends and family type shoots NOT wedding portraits or events, the day and time will be decided between the winner and Waleed!)

Its super super cool and I can’t wait to see what awesome pictures will come out as a result of this collaboration. Excitementttttttttt!

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