Giveaway Week – Product no 7

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I love earrings with a passion. Its the only piece of jewellery I gladly wear so it just made sense to add an unbelievable pair of earrings to the giveaway. Product no 7 is from one of my absolute favorite jewellery brands, EsfirThey stuff makes me go gaga. Its so so beyond beautiful and delicate. Plus I love the entire modern, contemporary take on festive earrings, specially the sort that you can wear very nicely to a wedding or even a dinner.

So lets see what we have here.


Please join me as I begin Ooh’ing and Aah’ing over these.

For this year’s giveaway, Esfir has provided us with One pair of “Two Birds with one stone” Earrings. These I genuinely planned on wearing once before giving them away just to feel cool, but then decided against it because I am a good human being. Now kicking myself over it. But oh well.

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