Giveaway Week – Product # 6

*The Giveaway is now LIVE! Enter now! Click on: “How to Enter” for details*

MOST excited about this part of the giveaway because this one involves FOOD. I LOVE FOOD. And I also love the brilliant people from this amazing Islamabad based cafe, Baramda. They opened not too long ago and took over the entire town. Other than the food what makes this place amazing is that it is an open space for artists and people who just want to hang somewhere and play games with their friends so you dont just enjoy their food but also real quality time with your friends and family.

For this year’s giveaway, Baramda is giving us 5 vouchers worth Rs 1000 for you guys to enjoy some of their amazing meals.

*Note: Since Baramda is currently only serving in Islamabad, the winners of these vouchers will be picked from there only. Sawwrriiieee guys*

So for all to Islamabadi’s out these, this is an exclusive deal for you. Enter and winnnnn! WOOHOOO.

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