What Goes in The Bag? (Part 2)

Hello Hello!

Just a day ago, I listed some stuff that should be in your bag pre and during your wedding event and today I am listing down stuff that you should have in your bag post event. It sucks when you need something and you look for it only to realize that you forgot it once you reach your new house/hotel. Some people get really stressed out and so its better to be prepared before hand.

Here’s the list of post event essentials I believe everyone should have in their overnight bag.

1. Makeup remover, wipes, cotton balls. Very important.

2. Your trusted face wash, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner.
(Hair tip: to untangle your hair post event and get rid of all that backcombing, apply a ton of conditioner in your hair before shampoo’ing and leave it for a bit. When you rinse your hair with water after that, it will be like they have never been backcombed. Tried and tested. Shampoo once thats done.)

3. Tooth brush and tooth paste.

4. Deodorant and Perfume

5. Your night wear and a pair of your favorite/new pjs.

6. Q-tips (dip the tip in hot water and then use them to take off fake eyelashes without any pain)

7. Hair brush, Hair dryer and your straightener/curling iron etc.

8. Clothes, under garments, shoes and accessories for the next day. Its much more easier to have them in this bag rather than having to unpack everything and deciding the next morning.

9. Makeup and moisturizer

10. Pain killers

11. Sanitary pads/tampons

12. Breath mints/spray/chewing gum

13. Cell phone charger and cell phone

14. Wallet

15. A pouch or box to safely keep your wedding jewelry in.

16. Safety pins

17. Comfortable slippers/flip flops

You can add and subtract more things to it of course. This is a list of very basic things that every one should have but sometimes we tend to miss out the smallest things (I forgot my hair brush and looked like a pompom the next day) so its best to have a list and check everything off it. Hope this helps you pretty peopleee!

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