What goes in the bag? (Part I)

One of the most important things when it comes to planning your wedding day is what to pack. The day is usually divided into 3 parts.

1. Getting all nice and pretty at the salon and the photo shoot
2. The event
3. Post Event (The hotel or new house).

It’s extremely inconvenient if anything is missing and since almost all of the brides are pretty low on patience that day, not having what you want in the bag can turn into a nightmare.This first piece is going to cover what to put in the bag that goes with you to the salon. This bag usually stays with the bride during the photo shoot too.

So here is the list of stuff you pretty Brides to be should have on you (or one of your friends/sister/bridesmaid should have) for when you go to the parlor, the photo shoot and for the time at the venue.

  1. Some basic Makeup items (for touch ups or in case you don’t like your lipstick/nail polish your makeup artist wants to use, you can always put on the one you want)

    2. Tiny sewing kit for any (God Forbid!) wardrobe emergencies

    3. A pain killer (heavy dupattas or that one damned pin that pokes every bride in the head can destroy your night, so keep this!)

    4. Hairpins and safety pins

    5. A small mirror

    6. Bottle of water and a few straws

    7. Breath mints or spray/chewing gum

    8. A pack of chips (You might get hungry,okay?)

    9. Tissue paper/wipes and a sanitizer

    10. A pair of your most comfortable slippers (I was wearing them through out before going to the venue and I loved my life. Highly recommended)

    11. Some cash (You never know when you might need some. Better be safe than sorry!)

    12. A comb/brush (just in case, even though I’d highly recommend not touching your hair once its done by your stylist)

    13. Sanitary pads/tampons

    14.Cell phone and charger

    15. Your favorite deodorant and Perfume

    16.A big shawl to cover yourself before leaving the salon. Very very important.

Didn’t add stuff like wedding dress, clutch, jewelry and shoes to this list because why the hell would anyone go without that?

Hope this helps. You can obviously add or subtract items to this list, your choice entirely. Hope this helps all you brides to be out there. Pappi.

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