Doing the honeymoon posts before the wedding posts because its so fresh in my mind right now (and I really want to wait for the nice wedding pictures hehe)

Faizan and I decided a long time ago to go to an unconventional place for our honeymoon (Even though the first place we thought of was Greece LOL.) Its became really hard for us to decide on a country because:

  1. we were getting married in December and the honeymoon had to begin around end Dec, Start of January type which means the entire world is either snowing or raining or too far away.
  2. The only affordable nice weather beachy options were Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia types but I had one requirement: I dont want a busy place thats dying with tourists and I end up running into 10 people I know (sorry people I know!) because I wanted some serious me and alone time with the new husband.
  3. The other nice beachy options included the Caribbean type places but I’d rather die than spend 2 days on a plane specially when Faizan had to go back to work within a day of coming back because zero time to relax. Plus even though the accommodation seemed pretty affordable the tickets alone were costing a fortune so yiiiikkkeesss nooowayyy type scene.
  4. We wanted to go to a place both of us have never been to (I was focusing more on a new continent actually) and since Alhamdulillah we are well traveled, that really narrowed the options.


I’d be lying if I say Tanzania was our first choice and always wanted to go there. It was actually no where near the list that we first made. Greece (Too cold!), Madagascar, Samoa, Fiji, Seychelles (Monsoon season ppppffffttt) and then finally after a lot of google “Where to go on Honeymoon in January/top Destinations for January honeymoons: Tanzania.

Am I happy we decided on Tanzania: BEYOND HAPPY.

Was it everything I wanted: BEYOND EXPECTATIONS.

Am I exaggerating a little: NOT AT ALL.

We decided to leave on the 29th of December (right after our valima in Lahore). We decided to stay a couple of days in Dubai and celebrate new years there (small post for Dubai will be coming up shortly!) We planned the entire thing ourselves and researched for the whole thing online for around 6 months because NO travel agents in the country arranges trips to Tanzania. Losers. Please note that tripadvisor is the best thing that happened to anyone who is travelling to a place that they are completely clueless about.

Hey there, shy mountain hiding behind clouds!

Tanzania has a lot going on, so we decided to divide the trip into 2 parts. Safari (on Faizans request) Beach (on my request, Faizan magically believes that it was his idea too – No.) So we ended up doing a 4 day safari and then 5 days bumming around the gorgeous Indian ocean and then back home.

Will be doing separate posts for the two very different experiences with all the details justforyouguysssss very very soon.

2 thoughts on “Tanzania!

  1. Muzna says:

    Hey 🙂 I follow your insta and Snapchat and love your posts. They’re fun and so relateable. Can you advise me a little on Tanzania”s visa from Pakistan?


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