Pre Wedding Lahore (Part II)


Hello and welcome to the part two of my 15 day Trip to Lahore earlier this month. If you missed the first part, dont be shy and check it out shamelessly by clicking on the following link:

(Going to start with the next day.)


Day 6: Tons happened. Insane scene. Went to the brilliant brilliant brilliant Ali Xeeshan Theater studio with mother in law (honaywala was at work) to pick up my valima jora. Was completely blown away by not just the jora but the level of professionalism shown by them. Jora was everything I hoped for and more, ready BEFORE time, extremely accommodating staff and bus too happy. Specially want to mention Khadija at the studio who updated me herself on the dress, not once I had to make a call to ensure everything was happening timely. Wonderfully managed. I was clapping like a maniac when I tried on my dress and regretted that later because I think many thought I was mentally challenged. Chilled with aunty all day.


Then had to go or honaywala’s suit appointment. He met us at the studio, where we picked out the absolute perfect cloth for his suit with some help. He gave his measurements while I took selfies. Got done from there and went to another place to pick up honaywala’s suit for the wedding in Lahore. Picked that and then straight to the dance practice. Final one because mehndi was the next day. Hectic. Dulha miyaan had a moment when he thought no one was taking him seriously and that just proved that EVERYONE freaks out at some point or they other in some way. LOL.

Shaadi wise rating: Super Productive


Day 7: MEHNDI DAY! Was picked up by a friend early in the morning and we went straight to the dulhas’ house where we had to decorate the “cycle” on which the dulha was going to make his big entry at the mehndi. It was insanely hot and face looked like shit. But the cycle, by the time we were done with it, looked wonderful. From there we went straight to the same friends parlor where I had a express spa day and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I got my mani pedi, cleansing, threading, waxing, hair wash and styling ALL done in under an hour. Was beyond impressed and everything looked fabulous. One problem, my skin was madly breaking out so I asked the friend to get someone to set concealer on my face. The only issue was that directly from there I had to go to Munib Nawaz to select a sherwani for honaywala. LOL. So basically in jeans and a button down and my hair and foundation done (ONLY!) I looked like a dead body and reached the studio. Honaywala reached 15 mins late so I decided to kill time by chatting with the Munib Nawaz rep there. Every 2 mins I realized what I looked like by laughed it off. Wish I had made a video of that. lol. Khair. Honaywala reached, we decided on a few things but since we were short on time told them we will be back the next day and ran back home to change and rush to the mehndi.


Mehndi was FABULOUS. So much fun. Great dances, the dulhan dulha ki entrances were cute as hell, so much color, SO many pictures and bus it was perfect. Both the cuties looked amazing too as always. So all in all quite the perfect mehndi.

Shaadi wise rating: Productive.


Day 8: Baraat day. Went out to continue the sofa shopping that got delayed due to the car breaking down. Didnt really find anything and then finally decided we will get one made instead of buying a ready made sofa. Went back home to get ready for the shaadi later. Shaadi was beautiful. Elegant. The dulhan looked stunning beyond words (no surprises there!) and even the dulha cleaned up very very well. Later post shaadi, everyone went out for ice cream and then ghar ghar. Relaxed day, despite of the wedding so nicely done.

Shaadi wise rating: Productive’ish.


Day 9: Went to Munib Nawaz to confirm the order and make the tiny changes we wanted. I tried on different qullahs. Bara maza aya. Honaywala and I planned a date night(not really but kind of) both just decided to dress up a little and go on Andaaz (on my request because I’d been to every other place at food street at some point BUT andaaz :/). we reached Andaaz and I was pretty blown away by the view (I am a bloody sucker for old buildings and purana architecture. Dont ask.) We ordered food and thats when we got a call from the newly weds asking where were. We told them and asked them to join us if free and they graced us with their shaadi shuda’d presence. Honaywala was in complete shock that his “good” friend was married and kept on laughing. so weird. haha khair. Had an AMAZING time. Great food, great venue and my three favorite people in Lahore all together tou felt like a jackpot. Honaywala kept on whispering something to the dulha through out and I was like pata nahe kya hora hai.


Khair we got up from there and honaywala took me to a friends house, where..he proposed. LOL. It was so unexpected and weird and I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING HAHAHA. Will do a separate post on that because its way too special to be just casually mentioned in a post like this.

Shaadi wise rating: Productive’ish.

To be continued..

Part 3 – coming soon.

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