Pre Wedding Lahore (Part I)


Spent the first 15 days of October in Lahore because of two reasons.

  1. Two of my favorites were getting married to each other
  2. Had to get a lot of remaining shaadi work done with honaywala (for those who dont know, he lives in Lahore)
  3. (Secret reason: I’ve been waiting for a bahana to go hehe.)

So instead of posting small clips of my LONG trip, I decided to do a roundup of my stay in Lahore here on this blog. Finally putting this space to some real use \m/



Arrived on the day of the mayeon, so didnt have much time to do anything. Just reached, sat with mom-in-law for a bit and decided all that we were going to get done while I was in town, dressed up, found out my heel was broken and shirt made me look huge (was actually told by this friend of honaywala that I’ve gone FAT. Thanks to him for that -_-.) Mayeon was so much fun. I love it when families sit and play the dhol and sing songs and this event was all about that and the rasam. And OBVIOUSLY was super happy to meet everyone after so long. Chiller day. But I was exhausted because took a bus from Islamabad to Lahore at like 7am which is usually 3am for people like me.
Shaadi wise rating: unproductive.


Day 2 was insane. Woke up early because all my samaan arrived in Lahore (remember all the cartons I packed not long ago? Those + the furniture) So spend the first half of the day with aunty and honaywala making sure everything had arrived safely and then getting it all set in the right places. Mentally exhausting. Then honaywala and I headed outside for electronics type shopping. We are both duds when it comes to those things so a friend accompanied us. Didnt buy anything but knew what we wanted. So happy scene because day felt productive. Went for a dance practice later, danced, had pizza and played this game called Avalon. Would’ve been much more fun if it had’nt given me a headache but i survived.
Shaadi wise rating: Super productive.


Day 3 was the Nikah. It was happening in the afternoon at the gorgeous Bahria town’s Jamia Mosque. I have a crazy obsession with roofs and chandeliers and left kaafi satisfied after my trip there. Anyway, so woke up, rushed to get face fixed, went to the mosque, attended the beautiful nikah, chilled with friends for a bit and then home. Boys were supposed to head out for the “Bachelor Party” which couldnt happen that day because of some logistics type issues. Over all chiller day and HUGE day for the two people I was mainly there for. Shaadi wise rating: : unproductive.


Day 4 should’ve been the best, but it actually turned out to be the opposite. My valima jora appointment got delayed, honaywala and I set out like crazy excited people to find the perfect couch and in the smack middle of our hunt the car broke down for the first time due to some stupid ass reason. Missed honaywala’s suit ka appointment and nothing got done. Went for the dance practice later that day after which the boys went for the bachelor party So naturally day ended there and nothing got done,
Shaadi wise rating: Almost unproductive

Day 5 was pretty slow too. First half was spent with me being in a terrible mood because nothing was getting done as something or the other kept on happening so overall felt kaafi put off and half mind was to go back home and come back before the mehndi. But then obviously mind changed. Dance practice happened that night too and the valima jora appointment was back on so felt a bit back to normal but not entirely. Didnt even take pictures. Usi se think how pissed I was.
Shaadi wise rating: Unproductive

To be continued.

(Next 10 days, coming soon in part II and III)

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