Honeymoon Destinations – Argentina

Honeymoon destination # 3: ARGENTINA.

If you’re the ultimate party couple who wants some time out, all sort of scenic beauty and crazy party, Argentina should be your first choice. Recommending it here because its on the top 2 of my most favorite countries in the world and even though my trip there had nothing to do with romance or anything even close to a honeymoon, I think it will make an absolutely wonderful location.

Places to visit in Argentina:39044_1176364346586_603387_n
– La Boca in Buenos Aires
– Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires
– Buenos Aires House of culture
– Vineyards in Cafayate
– Ischigualasto Provincial Park
– Bariloche (Everything here basically)
– Igauzu Falls
– Laguna Esmeralda in Ushuaia
– Martillo Island in Ushuaia ( EXCUSE ME BUT THEY GOT PENGUINS)
– Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park

– Crazy fun place but with tons to do other than just party. There’s skiing, mountaineering, sight seeing, museums, literature, Architecture
– Is on the other side of the world so has beautiful weather when the rest of the world is freezing. Best time to visit is between October and February.
– Not TOO expensive
– (For those who dont worry themselves with Haraam/Halal or are comfortable eating Kosher) The steaks. They boast of having some of the best beef in the world.
– TANGO. Everywhere. On the streets, in the clubs, every where. It looks like so much fun you’ll wish you didnt suck at it. (unless you know how to. Bravo!)
– Fabulous food
– Night life

SO FAR AWAY. It takes atleast 24 hours to get there. Could get upto 30 hours depending upon the layovers etc.
– Ticket cost. Probably will cost you as much or more than the entire trip if you’re paying for 2 people. (Details at the end)
– Street crime. Like any other country, Argentina has a street crime problem specially in the big cities so you might want to hold on to those bags tight.
– Language barrier. You will find the younger lot fluent in english but not everyone. Everyone speaks spanish and coming out of those gorgeous people it looks even more beautiful but doesnt really help when you’re travelling and really need help.

Cheapest tickets right now according to random online search are as follows:
(These prices are for one person, round trip)
From Karachi to Buenos Aires: PKR 149,496 via Turkish airlines
– From Lahore to Buenos Aires: PKR 1,63,357 via Turkish airlines
– From Islamabad to Buenos Aires: PKR 1,79,004 via Turkish airlines

So if you got a lot money and want to go to an absolutely fabulous, unconventional place for your honeymoon, you should definitely consider this beautiful country NOW. Please and thank you!

Hope this helps :*

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