Honeymoon Destinations – Turkey

Honeymoon destination # 2: Turkey!

I have always preferred places with a soul over artificial man made places with big building and fancy stuff and Turkey is as soulful as it can possibly get. It’s beautiful, it’s like a magical place and a perfect blend of old and new, east and west.
For our honeymooners, following are the places/things you must check out when in Turkey:
– Blue mosque, Aya Sofia, Galata tower, spice and grand Bazaar in Istanbul
– Istiklal street in Istanbul
– Bosporous cruise in Istanbul
– Princess Island
– See the mesmerising dancing dervishes anywhere in the country
– Hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia – Kaymakli underground city and Goreme open air museum in Cappadocia
– Boat excursions in Antalya
– Thermal pools in Pamukkale – Hierapolis Theatre and city ruins in Pamukkale
And you can do activities like paragliding, parasailing, take walking tours in historic places, see Turkish cultural dances, try some crazy Turkish food and overdose on kebabs by the end of your trip.

Best things about Turkey:
– crazy variety of every single thing (food, shopping, travelling wise)
– You get to see and visit two continents at once. I was over excited about that.
– Great shopping (crazy bargaining skills required to make sure your pockets aren’t empty by the end of your spree)
– Tourist friendly
– Super easy go to around
– Intercity travelling is not too expensive so you can see a lot of places

Not so great things about Turkey:
– Theft scene. It’s a big country buzzing with tourists so take care of your bags and valuable possessions
– Harsh harsh sun. Load up on sunblock if you go in summers
– Can be expensive when it comes to daily expenses – Very commercial, specially cities like Istanbul and too many tourists

Tickets right now according to random online search are as follows:
– From Karachi to Istanbul: Rs 55,035 via Turkish airlines
– From Lahore to Istanbul: Rs 62,439 via Turkish airlines
– from Islamabad to Istanbul: Rs 66,911 via Saudi Arabian airways

Stolen pictures yet again from the fabulous @iqrashoukatphotography because her pictures are always better than mine. Hehe.

Hope this helps!

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