I picked up this book called ‘ready or not‘ a couple of years ago to kill a lonely train ride in Europe. It was for like one euro so I thought why not. It’s probably one of the most mindless books I’ve ever read but I find myself reading it (or any other book in sight) everytime I have nothing else to do.

So the book is about a girl getting married in a few months to her boyfriend (who is super smart, athletic and kind but an idiot) and how she is having second thoughts every now and then and she doesn’t know if he loves him anymore and her old boyfriend slash fiancé coming back in the picture blah blah blah. BUT I always enjoy reading particular chapter in which she asks him how he knew she was ‘the one’ and he replied saying ‘Your ability to pack light’ (and her reply was even better when she said she loves him because he warns her every time he is going to fart in bed hahahhahahah) Just shows how people find love in and because of the weirdest things.

I opened to book again a couple of hours back, saw this and decided to call honaywala to ask him how he figured I was the one but he is at work so no time to tell good things about me. Will obviously not forget and no stopping till I get an answer.

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