Bridal Trends: Colors this season


Before getting to the post, clapping for my brilliant friend Iqra Shoukat ( for taking this gorgeous picture that I totally just stole from her facebook page without asking because I had no picture relevant to this post and I was too lazy to take one today. I know she loves me so its okay.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and direct messages regarding the colors of shaadi joras trending aaj kal. I am going to tell you about the colors for shaadi and valima based completely on what I personally saw when I went jora shopping earlier this year. Might not be what you love or saw, but this is what was out there at places I went to not too long ago.

For the baraat:
I think we all agree that the old traditional look never really ever goes out of style but now its everywhere. So that means there is every possible shade of red all around us. Other than red the colors I saw, either paired with or without red/maroon were rust, burnt orange, hot pink, apple green, gold, silver, peach, mustard and even some shades of borderline copper (I saw it paired with red/hot pink).

For the valima:
I love how people have finally started paying attention to valima dresses because they are more gorgeous than I’ve ever seen. The colors I saw were not exactly unusual, but the kaam is beyond gorgeous and extremely creative and unconventional. Colors I saw the most were, ivory (paired with every existing pastel color), pinks, peaches, ice blue, greys and silvers, gold, white, grape green, turquoise, bottle green, purples and mauve.
Again, this is no expert opinion so please don’t yell at me if you see other colors too 😦 Hope it helps anyone who is looking :*

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