This genuinely sent me into a food coma. Had this last night and then couldn’t wake up properly till right now today. Parents are concerned but I am giving them tasali and explaining that nothing is wrong really. I think I am cutting down my 5 days by 2 (mostly because I am still full from this pizza and genuinely had trouble walking after I had it).

In other news, Father was freaking out yesterday suddenly about ‘nothing being done’. Lol. I explained to the cutest man in my life that everything is ordered and it obviously takes a little time but he is like no why isn’t everything here hahahaa. Then my mom and I calmed him down and made a list of everything for him k all what’s completely done and what’s left. I am thinking as the months go by these freak outs will happen more frequently, one by one everyone will blow up and then calm down. Looking forward to watching my brother and sister getting stressed because they have the emotional capacity of a robot when it comes to this wedding (otherwise they are as sappy as the rest of us). Maza ayay ga. Or not.

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