One of my full of life, energy and love aunt (phopho) suddenly passed away last December due to a heart attack. It was very sudden and pretty hard on the entire family. My uncle and aunt lived together alone in Quetta (all their kids are Mashaa’Allah married and in different parts of the world). They were married for 42 years and had a beautiful exemplary relationship.
After phophos death, my phopha started writing a book in her memory called ‘Aks-e-rukhe yaar’ which means ‘Reflection of my beloved’s face’ and its finally here. He printed a couple of copies for all us in the family and its making me so happy and sad at the same time. It’s a beautiful book (maybe I like it better because I can relate to everything in it). I sat with my uncle earlier in the day and asked how he decided on the sequence because there isn’t a certain pattern that is being followed. And he told me he wrote it like he would talk to her. You know how you say whatever comes to your mind, just like that. It’s full of stories, people, memories and a lot of love. Makes me miss my aunt more than ever but I love how her memory is now protected in more than just our hearts.

I loved the chapters where he has talked about their relationship. On how they set their ground rules, how they raised their kids, how they shared everything, first and last conversations etc.
But my favourite part, one thing I absolutely loved is that EVERY chapter in the book is ending with a dua and a verse from Qur’an with translation. So basically everyone who reads it is sending love and prayers her way.

Please say a little prayer for my smiling, laughing aunts maghfirat and a long/healthy life for my nicest uncle.

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