Went to check out some jewelry yesterday with my amma (more on that later) when we decided to stop and get something to eat and if you know my mother at all, you would understand why we went straight to a place that serves chaat. Went to #mirchili and had their killer chaat thali. Still dreaming about it a day later.

My mom and I are the only people at home all day (I am not currently working anywhere) and both are usually just doing our own things. When my brother/sister/dad comes back from work I usually sit with them, ask about their day or just random chitchat. So in some ways I get to bond with them but because amma and I are just there, we think we can just talk anytime, (basically take it for granted) and when we are talking its mostly just everyday stuff or something about the wedding.

Yesterday amma and I talked about random, non housy/non shaadi things and bonded over chaat and it felt great. We laughed, looked at everyone sitting around us and gossiped a little (we both suck at it, so stopped shortly) and talked about which of these four chaats was her favorite and why.

It’s just one of those days i’ll remember for days to come. Sharing this because there are a lot of girls here who are Inshaa’Allah getting married soon and we are all so busy with the preps that sometimes we tend to forget about the most important people in our lives. Just take a breath. Take some time out. Have chai with your ammi baba. Take your siblings out for a movie or force them to take you. You will obviously still have fun with them once you are married but why not do it even when you are in each others face too? Why? WHY?

Khair. So emo yuck. But you get the point. Go have fun. GO.

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