I would like to introduce you to one of my most prized possession since my date got finalized: My wedding notebook. 

This book has each and everything there is to my wedding. The clothes, the shoes, the furniture, the wedding hall. I have divided the notebook in sections and every section contains each and every tiny detail about what’s going on with what. I know a lot of people download those weddings apps on their phones and stuff, but I am loving maintaining a book, kind of old school like that.

This has helped me majorly in keeping track of all that’s done, all that needs to be done and specially keeping a track of my finances. Money goes out left, right and centre when you are preparing for a big event like this and sometimes its difficult to figure out how the account is left with Rs20.50. Other than that since mine will be the first wedding of the house (Inshaa’Allah) this book should help when inshaa’Allah its my sisters or brothers turn.

On another note, this notebook was a gift from a friend (I am a sucker for good stationery) soon after my baat pakki. I am a super Karachan at heart but honaywala is from Lahore, hence the Lahore Lahore hai (per Karachi mein utna bara jauhar hai pfffffttttttt).

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