Top Picks: Sephora Eye Makeup Remover Wipes


I am pretty new to the makeup game but one thing I’ve always loved and made an effort with is some good eye makeup. My idea of perfect makeup is super natural and subtle, so I am talking neutral tones and nothing too dramatic.

Khair, totally going off topic there. Lolllzzz. Anyway. As much as I love taking my time in making my eyes look pretty, utna he I HATE taking it off. I hate how it smudges all over my face and I look like a ghost from one of those old zee horror tv shows. So for all of you like me who are new to this part of life and have zero knowledge of makeup/beauty products, this post is for you, you and YOU.

I very recently found these Sephora eye makeup remover wipes and after Harry Potter its the only thing that’s helped me believe in magic. It’s so simple, so effective and SO goddamn quick. Takes just a few seconds and all the makeup is gone. Beautiful. Say it with me. Beautiiiiiful.
I ordered some other things from Sephora and got these as free samples (wooohhooo!) but as I am stepping into the shaadi season, planning on stocking up on these and saving me some serious sleep time that I usually waste in taking makeup off.
Will keep on posting about things as I learn myself. If you guys have any good suggestions, do tell and ill pray for you forever.

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